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A Consulting Firm Specializing In HR and Employment Law Matters.

Offering advice, alternatives, and answers

to help your business reach new peaks. 

Contact us today to learn how our expertise in both HR and Legal intricacies can help develop your business. 

Notable Certifications

Wharton Executive Education Badge
Payrollorg Fundeamental Payroll Certification Badge
veterans at work badge
attorney at law badge
pro-tem judge badge


HR Solutions

Navigate complex employee relations with our expert HR strategies designed for optimal workplace harmony.



Safeguard your operations with tailored legal guidance that ensures compliance and protects your interests.


Support Plans

Benefit from personalized support that adapts to your business scale and rhythm, whether it’s on-demand or ongoing.


Project Management

Drive project success with our structured management solutions that deliver results on time and within budget.

Tailored Solutions for
your Unique Business Needs

At The Higher HR, we provide a full spectrum of HR and legal services tailored to meet the diverse needs of every industry. Our team is adept at aligning with your specific objectives, ready to serve as your complete departmental solution or to lend specialized support as required.


Whether you’re looking for continuous engagement, project-based assistance, or on-demand support, we're here to craft a personalized plan that fits just right.

If you're unsure of your needs, explore our services below and let us guide you to the perfect solution.

Our Services

You will quickly realize that we differ from other organizations through our commitment to providing personalized, all-inclusive business, HR, and legal solutions with an expert touch, ensuring every client receives tailored guidance for their unique journey.

Business professionals reviewing and discussing contract documents across a table, with a focus on detail and collaboration in a professional setting.

HR Services

Leadership training, HR services, talent acquisition, benefits management, and infrastructure development.

Two professionals shaking hands over a legal document in a meeting, symbolizing agreement and mutual understanding, with a gavel and pen in the foreground.

Legal Services

Comprehensive risk management, legal agreements, labor relations, and compliance guidance.

Why Choose

The Higher HR?

We understand what it means to be an employee, employer, executive, and everything in between. We believe in treating people how we want to be treated. We also understand that sometimes tough decisions need to be made, and difficult conversations need to happen.


We have both the compassion and expertise to handle your HR and legal needs with a people-first approach.

Confident female leader smiling in the foreground with a team of focused professionals collaborating in the background, representing leadership and positive workplace culture.
A diverse team of professionals actively engaged in a strategic discussion in a modern office environment, highlighting teamwork and leadership.
A skilled worker with a hard hat and safety gloves retrieving tools from a truck at a construction site, epitomizing professionalism and preparedness in the field.
Diverse business colleagues reviewing documents together outside the office, representing inclusivity and teamwork in a modern corporate setting.

We aim to amplify our impact by collaborating with a diverse array of companies, moving beyond the confines of a single employer partnership. Our commitment to our partners' success is a core aspect of our mission.


At the heart of our approach is a relationship-driven ethos, where every interaction is guided by a person-first philosophy, ensuring empathy and understanding, even in the most challenging situations.

Our Humanity:

Defining Our Mission

Our Expertise:

Bridging Innovation & Mastery

Behind the team at The Higher HR exists a diverse group of experts whose extensive HR certifications, legal prowess, and academic achievements from top institutions shape the solutions we provide.


We're committed to delivering excellence in human resources, with each team member bringing unique insights and specialized skills to serve your business's unique needs.


View a few of our credentials below.



Our diverse team can bridge communication gaps, offering HR services in multiple languages to cater to a global clientele.

Entrepreneurial Experience

As business owners

ourselves, we bring firsthand understanding to address your company's HR needs with practical, tested solutions.

Executive Leadership Insight

With experience in C-Suite roles, we offer strategic HR insights that align with your top-level business objectives.

Extensive HR Credentials

Our team’s multiple HR certifications underscore our commitment to staying at the forefront of HR trends and regulations.

Academic Excellence

A founder's certification from Wharton University symbolizes our dedication to applying rigorous, top-tier business knowledge to your HR strategies.



Possessing a Fundamental Payroll Certification, we ensure accurate and efficient payroll management, crucial to employee satisfaction.

Legal Expertise

in Practice

Our firsthand experience as expert witnesses in legal proceedings ensures comprehensive risk management and informed HR practices.

Commitment to Veterans

Veterans at Work certification demonstrates our dedication to supporting veteran employees in the workplace.

Legal Authority

& Experience

One Founder's background as a licensed attorney, former litigator, and judge provides unparalleled legal acumen to protect and guide your business.

Who We Serve

We provide services to all industries regardless if public or private, union or non-union. 

Private Equity/Venture Capital

We provide strategic guidance to drive growth, manage risk, and streamline operations for investment firms and startups poised for rapid development.

Two professional men in a serious business meeting, discussing strategies with notes in hand, in a brightly lit office environment.

Active Duty and Veteran-Owned Companies

Our services are tailored to understand and address the unique situations faced by businesses owned by those who have served, ensuring they thrive in the civilian sector.

A soldier in uniform shaking hands with civilian colleagues in a friendly and welcoming office environment, exemplifying a smooth military-to-civilian transition.

Small to Medium-Sized Employers

For companies with lean teams, we offer scalable solutions that support growth without the overhead of a large corporate structure.

A young entrepreneur managing logistics and orders in a startup environment, demonstrating organization and efficiency in small business operations.



We combine traditional values with modern strategies, ensuring that your legacy prospers through generational transitions and market changes.

A happy family, with a woman, a man holding a young girl, smiling in their greenhouse surrounded by plants, representing the joy of a family-operated agricultural business.



Navigating the complexities of remote work, we provide innovative HR and legal frameworks that support a dispersed workforce.

A focused man in a business suit with a headset reviewing documents while working on his laptop, exemplifying remote professional consulting services.

Governments & Municipalities

Our team offers compliance, governance, and strategic planning services tailored to the unique needs of public sector entities.

A diverse group of professionals in a corporate meeting, discussing documents with focus and cooperation, representing multicultural collaboration in a goverment or municipality setting.


We help mission-driven organizations maximize their impact through effective strategy, legal guidance, and HR practices that resonate with their values.

Diverse volunteers joyfully participating in a community food service event, highlighting the spirit of volunteerism and community support.

Our Values

At The Higher HR, our deeply held values are the compass that guides our every action, ensuring we navigate with integrity, embrace diversity, and commit unwaveringly to excellence in all our client partnerships.

Relationship Driven

We support and motivate each other in a way that promotes collaboration and teamwork.


We have the ability to connect with others by displaying warmth, tolerance, and kindness.

Committed to Professionalism

We aim to constantly display a high level of professionalism with our clients, team, and each other.


We continuously strive to act in a manner that builds confidence in us as people, our abilities, integrity, and reliability. 

Welcoming of Differences

We work to ensure an inclusive, welcoming environment that supports and embraces differences. 

Continuously Improving

We encompass professional training, continuous education, and individual goals so that individuals may evolve in their career.

Forward Thinking

We think about and plan for the future, not just the present, so every step we take ensures long term success.

Let's Connect - Your Path to Success Begins Here

Embark on a journey of transformation with The Higher HR. Whether you're seeking to streamline your business operations, harness the potential of your human capital, or navigate legal complexities, our dedicated team is here to guide you. Reach out with your goals, challenges, or questions, and let us tailor a strategy that aligns with your vision.

Fill out the contact form now – your first step towards a partnership that promises growth, innovation, and lasting success.

For immediate assistance, please call 702.291.8873.​

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