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Patrick Mace, MBA

Chief Technology Officer

Patrick Mace, serving as the Chief Technology Officer at The Higher HR, is a seasoned IT professional, harmoniously blending technical know-how with strategic business insight. His educational foundation, anchored by a Bachelor's in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix and complemented by an MBA from Western Governors University, has been enriched further with multiple industry certifications, showcasing a dedication to continuous learning and expertise.

His career journey is marked by significant tenures in the civil engineering and architectural sectors. Here, Patrick not only showcased his ability to implement IT solutions but also to adapt them to the unique challenges these industries presented. His adaptable approach was further emphasized at a tech financial infrastructure company. Tasked with building an IT department from scratch, Patrick navigated the challenges of team selection, software integration, and the establishment of effective operational procedures, ensuring the firm's technological foundation was both robust and scalable.

One of Patrick’s notable strengths is his talent for making intricate IT concepts accessible to a broader audience. His capacity to bridge the communication gap between technical teams and other stakeholders has fostered a more inclusive and collaborative work environment in his professional pursuits.

Outside the confines of the corporate world, Patrick has consistently demonstrated a commitment to community enrichment. His initiative in updating the North Kitsap School District's website, for instance, was aimed at bettering community engagement. Additionally, his active roles in local organizations, such as the Kiwanis Club, highlight his belief in the importance of community involvement and service.

In sum, Patrick Mace's career is a testament to the balance of deep technical knowledge, strategic business acumen, and a genuine commitment to community betterment, making him an invaluable asset in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

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