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Kenny Leung

Talent Management Professional

At The Higher HR, Kenny Leung's role as a Talent Management Professional is more than just a title—it's a testament to his profound expertise and genuine passion for guiding individuals to their dream careers. Initially trained in Marketing, Kenny made an intentional transition into the nuanced realm of Talent Management at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he discovered his true calling.

Kenny's approach to talent management is holistic. He doesn't merely seek to place individuals in roles but ensures that every interaction, every decision, and every placement reverberates with respect, transparency, and tailored guidance. Recognizing the challenges of the job market, he positions himself not just as a professional but as a career ally to those he works with.

His professional odyssey, marked by significant roles at institutions like a startup fintech company and HS Brands Global, showcases his knack for innovative talent strategies, transforming how recruitment is perceived, and cultivating genuine bonds with candidates.

Away from the intricacies of talent management, Kenny indulges in the dynamic world of sports. Whether he's engrossed in a football match, playing in a basketball league, or hiking amidst nature's splendor, Kenny finds a unique blend of excitement, strategy, and serenity in these pursuits.

At The Higher HR, Kenny combines his robust professional skillset with an innate ability to empathize and communicate, making him not just an asset to the firm but a beacon of guidance for countless professionals on their career paths.

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