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Jarris Bergherr

Executive Human Resources Professional

With a career in Human Resources that illuminates nearly three decades of excellence, Jarris Bergherr stands as a testament to dedication, adaptability, and deep-seated expertise. As the Executive Human Resources Professional at The Higher HR, Jarris infuses the firm with her extensive insights gleaned from various esteemed roles across notable organizations. Her tenure includes influential positions such as Vice President of Total Rewards and Talent Acquisition at Prime Trust/Digital and diverse leadership roles at Westwood Professional Services.

Jarris's strength isn't limited to her impressive resume. Her genuine ability to resonate with individuals across all strata of an organization sets her apart. Firm in her commitment, Jarris assists anyone in need, irrespective of their title, creating an atmosphere where every member feels valued, empowered, and heard. This approach is not just a professional stance; it's an embodiment of her belief in fostering a cohesive and inclusive work environment.

Beyond the boardroom and office corridors, Jarris wears many hats with equal grace. A devoted family individual, her moments with loved ones are treasured memories. She also has an innate ability to build new connections, further exemplified by her roles as a community volunteer, an avid reader, and a yardwork enthusiast.

At The HigherHR, Jarris's role goes beyond traditional HR tasks. She bridges strategy with empathy, ensuring both organizational goals and employee welfare align perfectly. Clients and colleagues benefit from her unparalleled HR acumen, ensuring that with Jarris on the team, the future is both promising and people-centric.

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