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Berenice Herrera, FPC

Payroll & Compensation Professional

Berenice, with her dynamic presence and a history rich in payroll and accounting expertise, is a central figure at The Higher HR. Her past experience in several corporations has paved the way for her current role as our dedicated Payroll & Compensation Professional. Combining this vast knowledge with her characteristic effervescent personality, Berenice ensures that every room she enters is filled with laughter and warmth.

Holding a Fundamental Payroll Certificate (FPC) from the PayrollOrg, Berenice brings a level of precision and trustworthiness to our partners payroll systems. She adeptly manages a range of transactions, from salaries to intricate tax deductions, ensuring that every financial detail is handled with utmost accuracy.

Beyond her technical prowess, Berenice's innate customer service ethos truly sets her apart. She fosters meaningful relationships with clients and team members, delivering support that is both comprehensive and perfectly tailored to individual needs.

Berenice's influence in the team is undeniable. Her vibrant energy, paired with her deep-rooted expertise, not only streamlines complex payroll challenges but also nurtures a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect. Her unwavering commitment, marked by her infectious laughter and big-hearted approach, positions her as an integral beacon of competence and camaraderie within The Higher HR.

Berenice stands as a glowing representation of what it means to merge technical skill with genuine warmth in professional interactions. In her, The Higher HR recognizes not just a payroll and compensation expert, but a foundational pillar of positivity and support.

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