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Melissa Bonner, MSML


Melissa Bonner, a distinguished HR veteran and co-founder of The Higher HR, Inc., brings over 15 years of diverse Human Resources expertise to her role, bolstered by a solid tenure in the banking industry. Melissa's professional journey has seen her successfully establish and nurture HR departments from the ground up. Her most recent position as Chief Human Resources Officer at a Las Vegas tech financial infrastructure company underscored her ability to lead, develop, and coordinate HR policies, steer people management, uphold legal compliance, and drive the organization’s mission and overall business plan.

Her journey also took her to a Las Vegas civil engineering firm, where, over an 8-year stint, she constructed the HR department from scratch. This venture was a key contributor to the firm's success until its eventual acquisition. It's in the creation and nurturing of HR departments, particularly in startup environments, that Melissa finds the most professional satisfaction, attributing these repeated successes to her wealth of skills and experience.

Her credentials extend to academia as well. A holder of a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Phoenix and a Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership from Western Governors University, Melissa’s educational background fortifies her role at The Higher HR. Moreover, her Chief Human Resources Officer certification from Wharton Executive Education, University of Pennsylvania, underscores her commitment to continuous learning and growth. A popular guest speaker on numerous HR-centric podcasts, Melissa continues to share her profound insights and expertise with the wider HR community.

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